Welding of large products

Welding for large products

BoxJoint is a steel based modular fixture system. In welding applications the framework is exposed from heat particles from the welding process. BoxJoint plates has a surface treatment to manage tough process environments. The rigidity of the M16 system will accommodate the built in stress in the product as the parts are welded together. One of the first applications for BoxJoint is the welding of wheel loaders. This was a product with thick plates welded together. This fixture was reconfigured for three different product families: the front section; the aft section and the lifting arms all in one fixture. This application has been in production for several years with no issues concerning the welding process or the weight of the products.

BoxJoint for Large products

Method of use

Using the design configurator’s developed by DELFOi a fixture can be brought about in a CAD system in a matter of hours rather than days. The design configurator’s are today available for CATIA V5 and SolidWorks. The CAD models can be available in most available CAD format. Contact DELFOi for further details. One of the key advantages with BoxJoint is that the lead time to delivery is shortened drastically since a fixture with BoxJoint does not require welding, stress relieving, machining or jig boring. The ability to make late changes has shown to be a big relief for the designers. Product changes can be accommodated even after production launch. This is a natural event using BoxJoint.