How to get started

There are various options to get started with BoxJoint. Easiest is to download the CAD models on this page. We support most available CAD format.  You do not need to have to use CAD software to get started using BoxJoint, but it helps. If you want to get assistance in engineering our reseller and service partner for Europe Prodtex has many experienced engineers to assist you in your first design. Prodtex can also provide the the BoxJoint Design Tool, which is a add-on software for CATIA V5 or SolidWorks. We deliver the BoxJoint plates, bolts and nuts, whereas beams is preferably purchased by your own beam supplier. You can contact us to get recommendation where to purchase beams or we can deliver beams as well. Another way to go to forward is to send us your typical product in CAD format and we can draft a fixture concept for you as a starting point. We’ve have delivered BoxJoint to anything from a small assembly to the size of an airplane so the possibilities with BoxJoint is enormous.