This movie shows one example how BoxJoint can be re-built from one set of beams, boxes, bolts and nuts. For each of the fixtures in conventional welded approach one new fixture must be purchased. The demo uses one set of BoxJoint parts to build 4 different fixtures. Inside the fixture Flexapods are used as configurable flags. The fourth BoxJoint fixture uses miniFlexa’s which is a shim Box made out of BoxJoint plates.



BoxJoint versus welded tooling
BoxJoint Design Tool in CATIAMov_Cage_concept.html
CATIA V5 Software
BoxJoint Optimizer in CATIAMov_FEM.html
BoxJoint Design Tool in SolidWorksMov_SW_Building.html
Coordinate systems in SolidWorksMov_SW_Coord.html
BoxJoint as a robot drilling fixtureMov_Concept.html
BoxJoint Design Tool demoMov_Man_Weld.html

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