The Neuron Aircraft

In courtesy to Jonas Askgren at  NyTeknik, 2010

UAV Manufacturing

To demonstrate the use of BoxJoint and Flexapod for UAB Manufacturing let us demonstrate the manufacturing of The Dassault nEURON - an experimental Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle developed by the French company Dassault Aviation. The manufacturing of the aircraft was an initiative between several european aircraft builders. The major players were Dassault Aviation and SAAB Aeronautics. SAAB had the responsible for the fuselage airframe assembly. This assembly process was been taking place in Linköping, SWEDEN. The aircraft was built in seven building steps. The fuselage assembly fixture was delivered by DELFOi. DELFOi also delivered add-on software in CATIA to manage the flexible tooling modules in CAD; PDM integration to ENOVIA; the process planning tool DELMIA V5; operator software to configure the physical Flexapods in the workshop; the BoxJoint components; the Flexapods and additional equipment to work out the physical build-up. The Flexapods and BoxJoint is commercial products available for any customer.

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