A new section of welding of large products to explain the power of reconfigure BoxJoint. BoxJoint is used at customers to weld large vehicles where the rigidity in BoxJoint becomes useful. Customer cases rebuild the fixture framework for different product models. Read more.


A new BoxJoint jig foot plate has been developed to work with standard off-the-shelf jig feet. The solution is available for all different BoxJoint systems. The solution makes the framework easy to build since there are two standard feet on one BoxJoint plate. Read more about BoxJoint jig feet.

News archive


DELFOi represents BoxJoint at the SAE 2010 Aerospace Manufacturing and Automated Fastening Conference and Exhibition Sept 28-30 in Wichita, USA. DELFOi presents two technical papers and will host a booth. Henrik Kihlman presents the project at SAAB Aerospace that was delivered during 2009. Peter Helgosson presents the latest progress using BoxJoint at Airbus Operations Limited in the UK. Check out some photos from the event here.


New application example using BoxJoint in a robotic drilling demonstrator. Nikon Metrology built a demonstrator to show their adaptive robot control application. The part to be drilled is assembled in a BoxJoint fixture. The system was demonstrated first time at the CONTROL 2010 in Stuttgart. Read more about the drilling fixure here.


BoxJoint and Flexapods was implemented at SAAB Aeronautics for building the Neuron Aircraft. SAAB saved 13% in CAPEX and 36% lead time savings for the first project using BoxJoint and Flexapods. A flexible system with less cost than a static one. Read more about the implementation.


New sections on Flexapods - configurable fixture clamps and locators.


BoxJoint M10 is the newest of the solution. Plates are 16 mm high tention steel. Plates are available in the range 200x100 to 50x50 mm. The M10 will fill a gap between the M16 system and the M8 system. One very usefull application for the M10 is to attach additional equipment flexibly. The three nuts: Anchor nut, Double nut and Sleeves are all available for the M10 system. Read more about the M10 here.


BoxJoint will be demonstrated on the International Manufacturing Technology Show, Sept 13-18, 2010 in Chicago, USA. A drilling fixture built with BoxJoint will be demonstrated together with a Fanuc robot. The system will be a demonstration of adaptive control from Nikon. Visit the IMTS website. More pictures here.


KUKA Roboter in the UK bought a BoxJoint installation for a test coupon drilling cell.


BoxJoint was presented at the SAE conference. Now some photos from the event as arrived. Check it out here.


BoxJoint at the MRC
The Manufacturing Research Center at the University of Nottingham has decided to use BoxJoint. -The University found great advantages using BoxJoint to build temporary research jigs to evaluate new processes. The Manufacturing Research Center will work as a development center for TRL 1-3 research for Airbus among other things. 


BoxJoint goes gold

BoxJoint are testing a new beam surface treatment at the MRC in Nottingham. The zink plated beams gives a good long lasting surface treatment and the gold color looks good with the silver colored boxes.


Peter’s paper entered Aerospace Engineering

One of the BoxJoint papers presented at SAE 2010 was appreciated by Aerospace Engineering. Read the article.


BoxJoint at the Northern Ireland Technology Center
The Northern Ireland Technology Center in Belfast decided to utilize BoxJoint as a fixture for transporting their Exechon robot to their lab. The ability to build part of the fixture before loading the robot in the fixture and then build the rest was easy using BoxJoint. But the biggest advantage is the fact that the transport fixture was then re-built to a test coupon machining fixture. Read more here.


Delivery to the Nuclear AMRC
Nikon will demonstrate iGPS metrology integrated machining using a Fanuc F200 Hexapod robot. The robot will machine large products. A state of the art concept utilizing BoxJoint as a flexible fixture enabling the robot to be moved in a very large work envelop. Read more about this project in the BoxJoint blog.


Nikon demonstrates BoxJoint at Control 2011
Nikon Metrology demonstrates adaptive robot control at the Control 2011 trade show in Stuttgart May 3-6. Check out Nikons blog and read more about it. Nikons booth is Hall 7 Stand 7412. Read more about Control 2011 here.      


BoxJoint enters V6
DELFOi decided to implement BoxJoint design functionality in CATIA/DELMIA V6.

-”Design supported by Enovia V6 database management is important for our customers” says Jan Blomkvist, CEO DELFOi Sweden AB. DELFOi is now running their first full V6 process implementation. They are designing a complete virtual factory for building a boxer motorcycle manufacturing. They will demonstrate the capabilities using V6 for design, manual process planning, robot OLP and the power of database management in Enovia V6. Check out some preview pictures of the project.


The BoxJoint Blog
A new blog has opened to share experiences working with BoxJoint. This is the ideal forum to read about the way of building BoxJoint fixtures in the field. First blog entry is shared by Henrik Kihlman, who built a large BoxJoint fixture for the Nuclear AMRC in only four days at Nikon Metrology in Tamworth,UK. Go to the blog.   

Ore car at Kiruna Wagon


Kiruna Wagon orders BoxJoint

Kiruna Wagon has been contracted to produce 121 iron ore cars for LKAB’s new main level, located on 1365 meters. The wagons will annually transport 30 million tons of crude ore from the ore passes to the crushing plant and hoisting station. Kiruna Wagon decided to use BoxJoint as for part of the wagon welding assembly process. Heavy industry product assembly, such as welding ore cars, is an ideal application for BoxJoint, which is developed to handle heavy weight and is rigid and robust to handle these types of products. Visit Kiruna Wagons home page here.


Nikon demonstrates BoxJoint at Control 2011
Nikon Metrology demonstrates adaptive robot control at the Control 2011 trade show in Stuttgart May 3-6. Check out Nikons blog and read more about it. Nikons booth is Hall 7 Stand 7412. Read more about Control 2011 here.      


BoxJoint miniFlex enters the market
What was a concept to adjust a compact and rigid BoxJoint unit in 6 DOF is now a market ready unit says Gilbert Ossbahr, founder of BoxJoint. The minFlex is purposed to work as a Flexapod, but its design purpose is to be enabling adjustment in the range of a few centimeters, an alternative to shimming.   


Manufacturing Technology Center orders BoxJoint

The MTC supports manufacturing businesses in their pursuit of world-class performance. MTC purchased a large amount of BoxJoint components. -It was our largest order so far, says CEO Jan Blomkvist at DELFOi. The BoxJoint assembly tooling system will support the research project at MTC in quickly building tools for the production research. Read more about the facility at http://www.the-mtc.org/.


DELFOi demonstrated Flexible Tooling at SAE 2011 Aeorotech

DELFOi demonstrated the newest additions to BoxJoint at the SAE 2011 AeroTech Congress and Exhibition. A small Flexapod 6 fixture was demonstrated in the booth that was used in the nEURON project at SAAB Aeronautics. The DTC was demonstrated as well.


BoxJoint and Flexapod project got the 2010 Wright Brothers Medal

The implementation of Flexapod 6 and BoxJoint for building the nEURON aircraft at SAAB Aeronautics was awarded the prestigious Wright Brothers Medal. Dr. Henrik Kihlman and Mr. Magnus Engström got the price. “For the best technical paper related to the invention, development, design, construction or operation of an aircraft and/or spacecraft”. Read more about the project at SAAB here: click here. Read about the Medal history here: click here.


BoxJoint showed two fixtures on the ELMIA Subcontractor 2011 fair

BoxJoint tested the wings on the Swedish market by showing two fixtures on the ELMIA Subcontractor 2011 fair in Jönköping. “Potential customers showed great interest in our products”, says Henrik Kihlman, responsible for sale. “We have several new leads, especially in welding applications. Sweden has many small welding companies that can appreciate the flexibility and rather easy setup of the tooling”, Henrik elaborates.


BoxJoint for Fanuc 200i Machining

The BoxJoint cell was finally moved to Sheffield to the nAMRC for final acceptance tests. The movie clip to the right shows how BoxJoint enables the machine to be reconfigured to a different position by loosening the bolts and moving the robot platform with air cushions. Nikons clever iGPS system enables the machine to continue machine in the previous coordinate system after reconfiguration. 


Chalmers build their new robot lab with BoxJoint

Chalmers University of Technology and the department of Product and production development becomes the fifth research institute to use BoxJoint as a platform for practical research. The previous four has been: LiU, MRC, MTC and AMRC. Chalmers production lab will utilize BoxJoint as a platform to comfortably put the robots on. They have a the vision to achieve a modular and reconfigurable production system in their robotic research lab. The advantage with the base platform concept with BoxJoint is the very flexible way to reconfigure the lab and the ability to later build fixtures and jigs on top on this base platform. Further reading about PPU here.


BoxJoint at Automatica

Automatica the world largest trade show in automation took place in Munich May 20-23, 2012. BoxJoint was demonstrated as part of a large parallel kinematic robot - The TAU robot from Gudel, ABB and Lund University. The robot main structure was built using BoxJoint. The robot design was part of the EU project Rosetta. The TAU robot presents a new configuration of parallel robots with 6 degrees of freedom.


BoxJoint now present in Germany

BoxJoint got its first German customer when Zentrum für Mechatronik und Automatisierungstechnik (ZeMA) purchased a kit of BoxJoint components to evaluate manufacturing process methods on fuselage sections of aircraft bodies. ZeMA is a centre for industrializing and bringing vehicle- and development results in closer collaboration between academia and industry in Saarland. ZeMA focuses on large structures and its assembly in automotive and aerospace industry. Contact person: Dipl.- Wirt-Ing (FH) Matthias Vette. Homepage here


BoxJoint is joining Automated Process Control BIW (AProC)

BoxJoint AB is taking an important role in a new application within automotive research with Volvo Cars. AProC is a proposal sent to FFI within Vinnova. FFI is a collaboration between the Swedish government and automotive industry to fund research within Climate, environment and safety. The purpose is to utilize existing metrology solutions on the market in order to scan features on car parts in the production lines, called InLine measuring. The project will develop intelligent decision making system and will implement changes accordingly in car body fixtures from trends causing deviation and therefor eliminate errors on structural parts in the car body-in-white welding process. The go/no-go will come in September 2013. A demonstrator of the technology will be built in the Chalmers Production System Laboratory using BoxJoint as the tooling technology.