One of the most common customer is a customer who intend to build a test facility for testing new production methodologies, to evaluate a new production technique to continuously build a rig and after one project dismantle the system and then re-use the components for a new projects. Another typical scenario is that welding a fixture takes to long time, is expensive looking at the lead-time, design hours and machining requirements to get things set to accuracy and so one. BoxJoint has short lead time to delivery and leave freedom to the engineers to keep changing the design to the last day or even change it after the jig’s been built. This would be impossible in a welded system. Even if BoxJoint is ideal for a short-series production scenario, experimenting and so one there is nothing to say it can be used for high volume serial production. The capability in BoxJoint is high since it is made from high strength steel compared to other modular tooling systems that are made from Aluminum. BoxJoint is the perfect solution to be combined with other tooling systems. In a typical BoxJoint fixture components in the fixture in BoxJoint is the fixture feet, the beam joining components, and attachment plates. The attachment plates enables any additional equipment to be added depending on the application. We can supply any hole patterns upon customer request. Download the CAD package today and eliminate the stress on welding yourself into a bespoke fixture solution! Go to the reference page to understand our range of customers.

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BoxJoint is used in industry as assembly fixtures for Wheel Loaders and aircrafts, for drilling application, as transportation fixtures, robot architectures and much more. The modularity in BoxJoint enables quick configuration abilities in CAD software and short ramp-up in production. Building small series, such as prototypes and one-offs the time to design, build and ramp-up is limited. Testing and experimenting with new concepts and products requires equipments to be flexible and easy to change. The customers have shown great enthusiasm and are grateful for the simplicity and robustness of the BoxJoint system.  BoxJoint has been tested for many different production scenarios. Originally evolved from aircraft production requirements has not hindered the utilization of BoxJoint in other industries such as welding large wheel loaders, large transportation fixtures to small sub assembly jigs, small robot structures and support structures. The BoxJoint system has the capacity to carry large structures as well as small products. This is accommodated by four different ranges in the system (M16, M10, M8, M5). Read more about the solution here.

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Robotic Drilling
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