BoxJoint Principle

What is BoxJoint?

BoxJoint is a solution to join beams in a construction without welding. The system provides a perfect solution for assembly of aluminum, fiberglass or carbon fibre beams in complex constructions. Beams are joined together using standard plates, bolts and nuts. The bolts are pulled with high torque to give a rigid friction joint, which is equal in stiffness to a welded joint.


M16, M10, M8 and M5

The BoxJoint system comprises of three different solutions. The BoxJoint product range is summarized as follows:

  1. Bullet M16 system: 25 mm box plates and M16 bolts

  2. Bullet M10 system: 16 mm box plates and M10 bolts

  3. Bullet M8 system: 12 mm box plates and M8 bolts

  4. Bullet M5 system: 8 mm box plates and M5 bolts

The M16 system is mainly used with larger beams for higher loads. The M8 system is the medium range for smaller sub-assemblies. The M5 system is normally used for attaching work holders.

Combining the systems

All three systems M16, M10, M8 and M5 can be combined. A box beam of 100x100 can be joined to all three systems. By using rectangular beams the beam dimension can be geared down or up. This enables a larger main framework to be combined with a smaller inner framework.

M16 Plate 400x400 mm

M5 Plate 25x25 mm


BoxJoint plate